My name is Hannah and I love to paint your family recipes! Whenever I cook my Ema and Poppy’s recipes, I am overwhelmed with nostalgia. When I started cooking their old recipes, it inspired me to honor and preserve them. I feel that our family recipes should not be just scribbled down on a stained piece of paper, but rather displayed on our walls as works of art. I also consider myself a foodie, so painting and cooking go hand in hand for me. Painting recipes helps me to connect with others who share a love for family and good food! I want to help keep family traditions alive while honoring the ones that have cooked for us. I keep my prices fair to make art more accessible. Please contact me at

I also do pet portraits. I am an animal lover and I love talking to others about their hairy pals. Our pets deserve to have portraits of themselves because they deserve respect - they stand by us no matter what. And we deserve to have a portrait of our pets because we love and care for them so much.